Michael J. Colitz, Jr.
Registered Patent Attorney
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Wacky Patent of the Month


Animal ear protectors
February 2010 Wacky Patent
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U.S. Patent Number: 4,233,942


James D. Williams


Colitz Catchphrase:

“Protection one's ears while unexpectedly providing improved hearing.”

patent #4,233,942

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A device for protecting animal ears comprising: a pair of generally tubular protectors each of which is formed of a sheet of self-biasing material which in their free state tend to form themselves into said generally tubular protectors; each of said protectors being longitudinally openable to allow easy insertion of one of said animal ears; and positioning means for flexibly joining one end of one protector in spaced apart relationship with one end of the other protector and for securing said device to the head of said animal such that the longitudinal axis of each protector and a portion of each ear of said animal, are held generally horizontally and approximately perpendicularly to the head of said animal whereby the ends of said animal ears are separated by a distance greater than the width of the head of said animal.