Michael J. Colitz, Jr.
Registered Patent Attorney
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Wacky Patent of the Month


Elongated Football
January 2016 Wacky Patent


U.S. Patent Number: US 4,531,737

Patented Jul. 30, 1985


James Jacobson and Thomas E. McCormick


Colitz Catchphrase:

"...a.k.a. "The Long Bomb"”

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An elongated football comprising a casing up to forty inches in length and no more than about six inches in diameter. There are three inflatable bladders contained in three compartments in tandem in the casing, each with its own inflating valve accessible from the outside of the casing so that it can be inflated to different pressures to vary the nature of the bounce. Soft putty may be added at each end of the football for adding weight thereto.

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