Michael J. Colitz, Jr.
Registered Patent Attorney
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Wacky Patent of the Month


July 2016 Wacky Patent


U.S. Patent Number: US 90,298 A

Patented May 18, 1869


Francis Peters And George Clem


Colitz Catchphrase:

"According to most scholars, modern society ownes its existence to 3 discoveries: (1) the wheel; (2) the written word; and (3) the Privy-Seat.

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This invention relates to a device which renders it impossible for the user to stand upon the privy-seat; and consists in the provision of rollers on top of the seat, which, although affording a secure and convenient seat, yet, in the event of an attempt to stand upon them, will revolve, and precipitate the user on to the floor.

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