Michael J. Colitz, Jr.
Registered Patent Attorney
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Wacky Patent of the Month


Pedal Operated Mower
Mar 2018 Wacky Patent


U.S. Patent Number: US 4,455,816

Patented June 26, 1984


Deanna F Porath


Colitz Catchphrase:

"Because it is never to early to have your toddler help with yard work.

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A tricycle frame providing basic support for the pedal operated mower, pedals turning a forward sprocket for providing locomotion, the locomotion communicating by a chain to turn a rear sprocket mounted on a shaft having a set of split cutting blades peripherally disposed about the cutting shaft for turning the shaft and cutting blades, and gear means connecting the cutter shaft with rear wheels of the tricycle frame and resulting in the locomotion thereof.

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