Patented June 19, 1866

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, W. L. Lance, of Plymouth, in the county to Luzerne, in the state of Pennsylvania, have invented a new, useful, and Improved Serving Table; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawing.

The nature of my improvement consists in providing a revolving or moving serving-table, b driven by steam or other power, with either two or three rings or continuous tables, a a, for dining and other uses, and is constructed with two or three rings or continuous tables, the outer ring a and inner ring a fixed or stationary, having an open space, on the inside of the table a, for the seating of guests, as well as upon the outside of the table a, with an entrance or passage-way either above or below the tables a a and b, the middle or center ring b or continuous table b, with one or more shelves c d e f, or a succession of shelves one above another, to revolve or more within or between the stationary rings or continuous tables a a, and so arranged as to seat persons conveniently at either the inner or outer rings or stationary tables a a, the center or revolving table b, with shelves c d e f, arranged one above another, loaded with the entire bill of fare once in every fifteen or twenty feet per minute, or to pass before each guest at such speed as to exhibit before each guest the entire bill of fare one per minute, giving each one ample opportunity to help him or herself to such viands as may suit their tastes.

All persons at this table are put upon an equality and free to act for themselves, and these shelves so arranged as not only to contain the full bill of fare, and that kept hot by lamp or otherwise, but also to contain all the necessary dishes knives, forks, spoons, glasses, &c., and also so arranged as to carry the dishes that have been used off into the pantry P, behind the screen, where they are removed by the servant stationed at that point for that purpose, and where also are the persons stationed to supply and replenish the revolving or moving table b, with shelves c d e f. The carver and his assistants are also stationed behind the screen, which we here term "pantry," P, to supply continually the revolving or moving table b and the shelves c d e f. The dishes, after the guest has finished with them, are put upon the lower shelf or table b, which is hid from view by means of a lid or curtain.

All the servants that we require in the use of this moving-table is one upon the outside and one upon the inside, except those required in the pantry to put away the last dishes of each guest and brush off the crumbs and adjust the chair. This would be the requirements of a table that would seat, say, one hundred and fifty persons; but

What I claim as my invention and useful improvement, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is--

1. The moving table b, combined with one or more stationary tables, a a, for dining and other use, substantially as set forth.

2. Moving table b, in combination with one or more pantry or furnishing or receiving rooms, P, in the manner described.

3. The Moving table b, and stationary tables a a, so arranged and having an open space, Q, forming a room on the inside or inner part of the tablles a a and b, as described.

4. In combination with tables a, passage-way i, either under or over tables a a b, by stairs or otherwise, substantially as set forth.

5. Dividing the table a a b into sections, substantially as set forth.

6. In combination with the tables, the application of a flanged-wheel R, or its equivalent, to support guide, and steady a moving table, b, for dining and other uses, substantially as set forth.

7. In combination with the moving table, the fixed shaft x to the legs TT of the table a a, supporting tables a a, upon which shaft x is wheel R to guide movable or moving table b, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

8. The application of a belt, s, or its equivalent, to the driving of a movable or moving table, b, for dining and other uses, substantially as set forth.

W. L. Lance.

Robt. Love,
Moses Wadhams.