Device For Producign Dimples

Martin Goetze

Patented May 19, 1896

To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, Martin Goetze, a subject of the King of Prussia, Emperor of Germany, residing at Berlin, in the Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire, have invented new and useful Improvements Relating to Apparatus for the Production of Dimples on the Human Body, of which the following is a specification. The present invention consists of a device which serves either to produce dimples on the human body or to nurture and maintain dimples already existing. In order to make the body susceptible to the production of artistic dimples, it is necessary, as has been proved by numerous experiments, that the cellular tissues surrounding the spot where the dimple is to be produced should be made susceptible to its production by means of massage. This condition is fulfilled by the present process as well as by the apparatus by which the process is worked, and which is represented in an enlarged form in the accompanying drawing. The apparatus consists principally of two revolving arms a and b, which are pivoted or hinged together at h after the manner of a pair of compasses, the upper part being connected to a brace i. The arm a has a changeable massage knob or pearl c at its lower end, which serves to produce the dimple, while the arm b is furnished with a telescopic extension d, adjustable be means of a set-screw e. To the extension d is attached in a particular position a massage-cylinder f, hinged at g. The arm a is fixed to the brace i, while b can be placed and fixed in any desired position on the quadrant k by means of the screw l. When it is desired to use the device for the production of dimples, the knob or pearl c of the arm a must be set on the selected spot on the body, the extension d, together with the cylinder f, put in position, then while holding the knob with one hand the brace i must be made to revolve on the axis x. The cylinder f serves to mass and make the skin surrounding the spot where the dimple is to be produced malleable. The massage knob or pearl c and the cylinder f can be made either of ivory, marble, celluloid, india-rubber, or similar substance. In order to be able to treat sensitive places with the knob or pearl c, this latter can be made with an elastic or india-rubber covering of light stuff or leather. What I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is- In combination with a brace, pivoted arms, the upper ends of which are secured to a brace, the free ends of the arms being provided with sockets, a massage-knob removably secured in the end of one of the arms, a telescopic extension arranged in the socket of the opposite arm, and a massage-cylinder secured to the extension. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand in presence of two witnesses. MARTIN GOETZE


John B. Jackson

Maurice J. Hahlo