Our office would require your express authorization to proceed with preparing of the patent application. Preparation of the application depends upon the technical complexity of the subject matter, the quality of the written description provided by the inventor, and the number of revisions of the application necessitated by the redefining of the invention by the inventor during the application drafting process. The application may be filed with "informal drawings."

Once the application is filed, it is "patent pending."

You may be interested to note that licensing can take place any time after the application is filed. Some manufacturers prefer to license an invention while it is still in the patent pending stage.

Furthermore, it is advisable to delay any marketing efforts until after you have filed your application. Our office normally does not get involved in such marketing efforts. Additionally, care should be taken in contracting with companies which purport to market inventions. The inventor is, in our opinion, the best person to promote his or her own invention.

There are a number of strategies for filing a patent application, including the use of provisional applications, and we could tailor the application preparation process to your needs.

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